For students planning to study overseas, many universities will require that an English proficiency test, either TOEFL or IELTS, is taken. Originally, TOEFL was required for students moving to the USA while IELTS was aimed at students planning to study in England, Australia, Canada and other English speaking countries. However, nowadays it is possible to take the IELTS for many schools in the USA, so the first step to taking the test is to check with your school of choice which test is required and what their minimum accepted score is.

Both TOEFL and IELTS are designed to evaluate whether foreign students will be able to cope with the level of English in an academic setting. The tests cover the four skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing.


At Vincit Tutoring, we offer various tutoring approaches depending on your current level of English proficiency. If your English is at an advanced level you and you attend an English speaking school, we recommend a single lesson of 90 minutes to be familiarised with each section of the test. For other students, we recommend a series of lessons to practise the various skills or to focus on one particular skill.


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