Students preparing to study abroad at an early age require top scores on the SSAT or the IGCSE for US or UK schools, respectively. Others completing international diplomas can benefit from targetted tutoring to meet the demands of a world-class curriculum, such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Vincit Tutoring provides individualized mentoring and tutoring for students, using past exams and typical exam questions to build students' knowledge and test-taking skills. Specialized tutoring can fill the gaps or help overcome challenging aspects of particular subject areas, and Vincit tutors also provide guidance on lengthy research projects such as the IB Extended Essay, IB History Research Paper, or IB Theory of Knowledge Essay.


After an initial conversation with the student and her parents to certify expectations are aligned, we match the student with one of our tutors to work towards the desired goal. Progress is monitored by the tutor in close collaboration with Vincit staff to ensure the student is focused on achieving their goal.

Our tutors each specialize in a particular subject area or test and work closely with the student to build the skills and knowledge required for the exam, ensuring motivation and confidence levels are

maintained during the process.


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