Taking mocks or practice tests is an essential part of preparing for your test. Taking mocks allows you to gain experience in managing your timing and working out the test strategies that work best for you. 

At Vincit Tutoring we offer mocks for all tests regularly on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Along with your test score, we give you some feedback on where you did well and where you can improve, and we also give you the answer sheet so you can self-correct your test. Working through and thoroughly understanding your mistakes is a critical aspect to growing your knowledge! 

To signup for a mock, 

1) complete the mock signup form (available only in Portuguese) for the appropriate date below

2) execute the payment of R$200 in the "PAY HERE" link next to the desired date of your mock test. 

Our space is limited to 15 students and registration will take place on a first come first serve basis for those who have completed the two steps detailed above.


Sat. 11/09/19    PAY HERE

Sun. 11/24/19   PAY HERE

Sat. 11/30/19    PAY HERE