If you’re applying to graduate school or law school in the United States, or business school anywhere in the world, you’ll have to take an entrance exam: the GRE, LSAT, or GMAT.  Scores from these tests are important factors in admissions decisions.


Each of these tests consists of a Verbal section and Quantitative (Math) section that require you to think critically and to problem solve accurately and efficiently in limited time.  Each test has its own format and style of questions, and each one has a unique section not in the other two.


Vincit tutoring can help students at any stage of their test prep, whether that’s reviewing the math needed for the Quantitative section, or learning approaches to their test’s specific question types, or polishing their performance for test day.  One-on-one lessons happen over Skype and are scheduled at the student's convenience and structured around the student's needs. 


John-Michael MacDonald, Vincit’s resident tutor for graduate tests, has four years’ experience teaching test prep and scores in the 99th percentile on both the GRE and GMAT

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