For students starting their college-entrance exam preparation, the first step is to take an SAT or ACT mock at the Vincit Tutoring office. When in doubt about what exam to take, try both! For SAT II’s, choose the subjects you excel at and that are aligned with your choice of major in college.


After evaluating the mock results and the student’s academic profile, Vincit staff will recommend a tutor that fits the student’s needs. Interactive classes ensure that the student is building his/her knowledge of tested concepts by applying them immediately. Test-taking strategies are introduced progressively, allowing the student to pick the strategies that work best for him/her.


Successful preparation for college-entrance exams requires weekly tutoring sessions, independent homework done with regularity, and self-correction to enhance the learning process.


Our SAT and ACT preparation involves tailor-made lessons that focus on the student’s strengths in a positive learning experience.

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